Bentonite Clay Co-Wash 4oz.


Bentonite clay co-wash hair mask is a must have for anyone that enjoys pampering their tresses. This clay purifies the hair while nourishing it at the same time. This clay can either be put in your hair as a 30 minute treatment with a plastic cap with a dryer or truly put your hair in the life a luxury with an over-night treatment. For over-night treatments make sure that your head is fully covered to have the natural heat from your head create an ultimate deep treatment. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out the next morning. This treatment works best when followed with our Moroccan argan oil conditioner treatment right after. Best for all hair types.

-Bentonite Clay
-Distilled Water
-Shea Butter
-Avocado Oil
-Coconut Oil
-Silk Protein
-Vitamin E
-Cetearyl Alcohol
-Natural Preservatives

***This product can also be used as a face mask******


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